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Rolex GMT MASTER appeared as a necessity when Pan-Am company , asked for a watch that could display multiple time zones. The first gmt in production was the reference 6542, and was introduced in 1954. Ever since , Rolex upgraded the gmt master with new bracelet, movement , materials, so that we can have today s version , the reference 116710LN, which features :

  • a ceramic bezel, very resistant to scratches,
  • oyster bracelet with easy link system that enables you to widen or tighten the bracelet up to 5 mm,
  • new movement 3186, new hairspring ( Parachrom Bleu) which is less sensitive to temperature variation and magnetic fields,
  • rolex engraving on the inner bezel ring
  • triplock crown.

One thing which may not be to everyone’ s taste , the center links have been polished, ( PCL ); my personal opinion: it adds a touch of glamor and this toolwatch has it all now. Talking of glamor, few may know that the numbers on the ceramic bezel are made out of platinium, what about that?

Other important features for the new model is the maxi case , Rolex managed to make the case look bigger than its predecessor while still being 40 mm . So we ve got here a watch with a strong history behind, a watch that s been around for more than 60 years now, and like all Rolex models increase value over time.

No matter you want a sport watch, a casual one , or just don t know what else to add to your collection, you can t be wrong with the Rolex GMT MASTER II ref. 116710LN. Its not a dress watch but it will suit your every need , a smart choice in time you’ll see.

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Here are some actual photos of the ROLEX GMT MASTER II REF. 116710LN